Mentor: Justin

S1-01 Sim Jun You (Leader)
S1-01 Marco Ajay Gerard Obe (Vice Leader)
S1-07 Rachit Agrwal 
S1-07 Matthea Koh
S1-03 Tan Ming Chuan
S1-08 Joseph Yong
S1-09 Lau Guan Heng
S1-05 Lim Yan Zheng

Lesson Plan:
1) Colours
-Usage of lego blocks to demonstrate the combining and different colours beginning from base to primary etc.
-Usage of paint to demonstrate the mixing of colours and their results (older students)
-Walk around school to point out different colours and their uses

Estimated duration: Lego blocks- 30 to 45 min
                              : Walk around school- 20 to 30 min
                              : Paint/colouring- 10 to 30 min (basic mixtures only)
                              : Usage of cellophane-coated flashlight to demonstrate colours-10 min
                              : Total- est. 1h 15 min

2) Basic mathematical orders of operation
-Usage of lego blocks to effectively demonstrate concepts such as addition and subtraction through the combination and separation of blocks
-Usage of plasticine to let children make symbols of the respective order of operations and to facilitate hands-on learning
-Using flash cards to communicate numbers in an interactive fashion

-Total duration- est. 1h  

3) Chinese knots
(Yan Zheng to teach us exactly how to do it again seeing as he appears to have the greatest skill in the making of such knots. This is to avoid misdirection of the Cambodian students.)
-Physical demonstration requiring little verbal exchange.
-Dragonfly knot.
-Strange 4-spoke knot which was not identified.
Dragonfly knot- est. 1h 30 min to 2h

Lego bricks
Colour pencils
Different coloured cellophane

Basic mathematical orders of operation:
Lego bricks

Chinese knots:

Total for all lessons: est. 4h-5h

Kinesthetic learning is employed throughout the lesson in order to facilitate the conducive intake of information for future benefit and building-up of cognitive skills. The time table may vary due to unpredictable circumstances beyond the team's control e.g. Weather, disruptive settings that exceed prior predictions.

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