Chelsea (Pink)

S1-04 Lynnette Leong (Black)
S1-09 Farruq Daniel B Humardany (Yellow)
S1-02 Christopher You (Blue)
S1-03 Yeo Tzun Kai (Green)
S1-04 Lim Zhongzhi (Orange)
S1-07 Timothy Ng (White)
S1-08 Deshpande Sunny Nitin (Red)
S1-08 Esther Chiramal (Purple)


Requests for facilities:
Please may we request to use the outdoor space for the last hour or so before lunch of each day, and to use the projector and MacBook from about 11pm-12pm each day?

Logistics (Do remember to collect receipts for purchases):
9 sets of printed-out plans
1 piece each of red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, pink, black and white paper (paid by/with Lynnette) $2.95
 2 rolls of tape (paid by/with Lynnette & with Esther) $3.25
50 name tags (paid by/with Chelsea)
120 sharpened pencils (paid by/with Lynnette) $10.50
1 piece of 50m long raffia string (with Christopher)
1 pair of scissors (with Lynnette)
1 music device (with Christopher)
200 pieces of recycled A4 paper (with Chelsea)
150 pieces of square origami paper (paid by/with Lynnette & with Esther) $2.75
20 chaptehs (paid by/with Farruq)
3 pieces of 3m long rope (paid by/with Farruq) $28.30
1 picture each of a cow, dog, sheep, cat, snake, duck, horse and lion (with Esther)
50 pieces of plain A4 paper (with Chelsea)
3 sharpeners (paid by Lynnette, with Esther) $3.60
1 thumbdrive containing instructional videos (with Christopher)

Personal Preparation:
Learn your colour:
red (krâhâm)
blue (khiyew)
yellow (lueung)
green (baètang)
purple (poaa svaay)
orange (poaa lueung tum)
pink (poaa bhkaa jhouk)
black (khmâaw)
white (sâ)
so that you will know when the kids call you.

Ground Rules in Class:
1. Help maintain safety and discipline among yourselves, as well as the children. That includes not talking when you aren't supposed to be. If you need to discuss about something related to the lesson, please do so at the side and quietly.
2. When somebody claps once or says 'shh', everyone claps once or says 'shh' after him/her. Then, everyone helps the children to keep quiet and pay attention to that somebody.
3. Do not shout at the children.


Lesson Plans:
Christopher is in charge.
Youngest-> paper aeroplanes
Middle-> paper crush gears
Oldest-> paper fortune tellers
Farruq is in charge.
Youngest-> modified zero-point (limbo)
Middle-> modified zero-point (limbo)
Oldest-> chapteh
Esther is in charge.
Youngest-> saying animals in English and sounds
Middle-> saying animals in English and sounds + song
Oldest-> saying animals in English and sounds + writing 





>> recorder with pre-recorded animal sounds


  1. Play a recording of an animal name and identify it using the English term. 
  2. (Starting To Teach) Start with the pronunciation => use syllables.
  3. Establish the level they are at i.e. how good they are at pronouncing the animal names.

Other Activities 

>> play a game using animal sounds

** oldest class: give them more advanced names if they catch on quickly; if they have trouble with the pronunciations, go slowly 

Things To Do

>> find out their national animal 

>> find out if we can teach the children to write out the animal names 



>> origami paper

>> colorful paper 


1. Give out colored papers/origami papers and teach the children how to fold origami, step by step. 

Other Activities

>> let the children take part in  a paper plane competition => see who’s plane flies the furthest 

Things To Do 

>> find out the type of origami we are going to teach them e.g. paper planes, crash year, fortune teller 



>> five stones set  

>> chapteh (10)

>> skipping rope

>> chalk

>> masking tape 

>> paper 


1. With the help of the translator, get the children to play some Singaporean games.*

Other Activities 

>> finger chopsticks game*
>> five stones game*
>> chapteh game*
>> hopscotch (using paper to write the no.s on it and paste it onto the ground / use chalk to draw on the ground)
>> skipping rope*

Things To Do
>> check if we can use chalk to draw on the ground 

>> consider the option of having rewards 
=> Gaseng [spinning tops] (5 sets) 
>> logistics as of date:
=> mahjong paper (1 packet)
=> origami paper (2 packets)
=> masking tape (2 rolls)
=> chapteh (10 balls) 
=> skipping rope (14 sets)
>> schedule of activities 
=> play games first to grab the children’s attention 
=> start teaching the children and in between lessons, if they start getting bored, play some more games with them
=> play games last so that the children go home feeling excited 
>> make sure that all the children are safe: SAFETY FIRST!

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